About Me

I’m Angel Valentín. I graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering in 2018, and I decided to stay in this community that I have come to call home. I was born in Missouri to two Puerto Rican parents who moved away from the Island they loved so that they could access a quality graduate school education. Soon after, they returned to Puerto Rico, where I got to grow up and where I first came into contact with the needs that I believe our government should strive to address.

I came to Purdue wanting to focus my engineering career on renewable energy, but I came to realize that the technology was there, just waiting to be implemented. As a result, I became passionate about the ways in which we can carry out change at all levels of government and society. This journey has taken me through the halls of Congress, where I got to intern through the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute; to a campus ministry, where I get to see some of the needs our student population has; to a local non-profit, where we see the financial needs of our community; and to our Township government, where I get to see how we can continue working to improve the services that Wabash Township residents receive.

As a member of the Township Advisory Board and as Township Trustee, I have worked on the issues affecting our Township, and I will strive to continue representing you and the community as your Township Trustee. There is work to be done to ensure our community receives the fire protection it needs and deserves, to make sure we are planning for the future as our Township grows and becomes more diverse, and to make sure that as we build a future for our community, we help those in need around us. I want to work for you as the Wabash Township Trustee over the next four years, and I want to make sure the people of our community, our grassroots, have a voice at the table. Together, we can plan for the future, and strengthen our Township.

Join me on this journey today!