Angel on the Issues

There are many priorities that need to be addressed in Wabash Township. I am committed to continue working to make sure that our Township is serving its residents! Below, you will find some of the priorities I want to work on.

Fire Protection

Our Township has been growing throughout the years, and it will continue to grow into the future. Over the last several decades, our Township has seen a nearly tenfold increase in the number of calls that our fire department is responding to. By working with the Wabash Township Board, the Wabash Township Fire Department, and the people of our community, we can implement a sustainable plan to provide paid fire protection for years to come. As we seek to craft and implement this plan, we must not lose sight of the firefighters who put their lives on the line every day to protect our lives and property. We must foment a positive job environment, and we must establish norms regarding employee protections in our Township. These are some of the areas I am focusing on as we strive to provide the necessary fire protection for our community.

  • Seek additional revenue streams, including through the filing of a population growth appeal.

  • Work with the Fire Department and the Township Board to ensure that this additional funding provides stable fire protection coverage for years to come.

  • Increase the number of paid firefighters per shift, to ensure that we can respond quickly to emergency situations and have the necessary staff to get the job done.

  • Emphasize, and fund, efforts to recruit and retain volunteer firefighters that will complement our paid staff.

  • Employees deserve workplace protections, so I will work to establish a merit board to allow for appeals to decisions made by Fire Department leadership, and myself as Trustee. The decisions of the merit board will be treated as binding in my administration.

  • Have Department leadership and other experts in the community actively participate in all personnel hiring decisions.

  • Provide healthcare and retirement benefits for the paid firefighters.

Township Assistance

Although our township has a high standard of living, many in our community find themselves in difficult situations that require assistance. We must take our role in providing assistance to those in need very seriously. Given our limited funding for township assistance, we must work with community organizations and community leaders to help provide for those in need. These are some of the areas that I hope to continue to work on if elected to a full-term as the Wabash Township Trustee:

  • Streamlining the process for applying to assistance from the Township and community agencies. If we work together, we can effectively cover much of the need in our community, and we can advocate for increased access to resources for those in need.

  • The Township trustee is responsible for helping provide insulin to those in need in our community. If elected as Trustee, I will work with the Township Board to find a way to help provide insulin to those who are struggling to access this necessary, lifesaving drug.

  • Applicants for Township Assistance often face extremely difficult circumstances. We must ensure that we consider their applications promptly and help them navigate the complicated web of resources available from governmental and non-profit sources.

Cemetery Conservation

Our Township is entrusted with the maintenance of various cemeteries, including the Sand Ridge Cemetery across from Fort Ouiatenon. It is our responsibility to ensure that we maintain and preserve the resting grounds of many of our ancestors and predecessors. These are some of the areas I will continue working on as the Township Trustee:

  • Working with community partners to preserve the critically endangered Hill's Thistle population at Sand Ridge Cemetery. We must highlight the importance of protecting our native species.

  • Undertake a review of the state of cemetery headstones, and seek funding for any needed restoration work.

Planning for the Future

Our Township will continue to grow, and with it the need for Township services. As so, we'll need to work to craft a comprehensive plan for the future of the Township. We must engage in active dialogue with our community, as well as other entities that play big roles in our Township's future. As Trustee, I would work with the Township Board to establish and maintain a productive dialogue with the West Lafayette city government, the Area Planning Commission (APC), the County Commissioners, and ambulance services in Tippecanoe County.